Portable, Remote, Battery Powered Actuators

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Matthew Harris
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  • Remote

Remote Battery Powered Actuators

The 3S Remote Battery Powered Actuator allows users to remotely control valves in their operating network without the large costs usually associated with network valve automation. With a small installation footprint and the ability to be retrofitted to existing network valves with no above ground infrastructure these actuators allow users to automate valves easily in under a day.

SIM controlled with no requirements for onsite power or cabling network operators can now automate any network valve with minimal disruption to supply and the general public and can be control via a web portal or existing SCADA operating systems.

  • Smart Portable Actuator

Powerful Handheld Actuator with Smart Capabilities

The 3S Portable Actuator is a lightweight, powerful portable actuator which reduces risk of injury to operators while also reducing network transients and water hammer.

Think Smart and utilize the data gathering features of these actuators which log and record all valve operations.

Easily link wirelessly to windows or phone based apps (also provided by Smart Actuation) to record and store valve operation data

Record the time and date of each valve operation along with the exact number of turns achieved and the position the valve was left in.

Check the asset health of your valves over time with our easy to use traffic light system which provides a valve condition assessment based on operating torque recorded through the full travel of the valve operation.

  • Installation & Commissioning

Easy Installation

Retrofits easily to existing network valves to give full remote control of network assets in under 1 day

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3S 300D

3S 500D

3S Portable Actuator

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Taking a holistic view of water & wastewater networks we aim to provide actionable insight to reduce leakage, increase resilience and network agility, reduce operating costs & optimise network performance.

“With the actuator fitted, we have almost completely mitigated the likelihood of health and safety incidents on site and improved our operational efficiencies in many areas across the team. The team couldn’t have worked harder to make this happen, including working on site out of hours and in challenging circumstances.”

Ben Dobbs

Anglian Water Services

Matthew Harris
Smart Water Expert

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